Maggi Mumbaiya Chatak- My review

Hi all,
Long time I have been shamelessly ignoring this space. Let’s say that I was being just plain lazy. After being so lazy for so long today I thought of coming out of hibernation. Well Maggi made me come out.
Recently tried the Maggi Mumbaiya Chatak one. Disappointed I was to say the least. I was expecting for something related to Mumbai in flavors but was sad that I didn’t find anything close to Mumbai in that. I feel its over priced at 20 bucks and the net quantity less than 80 gms. Doesn’t make sense or is filling.
The new range of flavors that Maggi has come up with the barbeque, green chilly one etc. I feel nothing has made a mark. None of the flavors have been hitting the note. The good old original Maggi is still the best.

Yet to try the Amritsari, Chennai and Bengal one. Hope atleast they don’t disappoint.

The Unsuitable Boy- My review

Laid my hands on the Karan Johar biography. It was on my wish list to read for long.
It was a breezy read, and I felt was refreshing and honest in some places. I liked the way he narrated the back story of how and what situations lead him to write the movies he wrote.
It touched the chord when he spoke of his parents, especially his dad, his illness, the struggle he went through coping up with his death. How he dealt with the situations, his struggles, success, failure, the fear of being alone has been narrated beautifully. The depression factor also has been written about beautifully.  Also the book has a take on his friendships with SRK, fallout with Kajol etc.
I would rate the book 4/5 as it is straightforward, to the point, crisp and the narration lucid. Respect for the person who is able to write and accept his shortcomings, preferences.

Gits Brown Rice Dosa - My review

The other day I got the pack of goodies from Gits to try and I tried brown rice dosa. I was very apprehensive as I felt I won’t be able to spread the dosa as crispy as the grinded batter one.  But this one surprised me with its ability to become crisp, golden brown as normal dosa.

This is a boon for people who have no time to make breakfast elaborately. This has a home touch plus the gourmet one. Perfect for a small family and filling too. Affordable as this comes cheaper than eating out and not to forget healthy too. Also brown rice is nutritious and the instructions are also very easily to follow.
I would definitely pick this or recommend for a rush day when you want the home cooked one but don’t have the batter.
Gits is a home name now with so many products on their name successfully. I love their Gulab Jamun mix, Rabri and Basundi to name a few and they have never disappointed me.

I would rate this 4/5. Keep up the great work Gits.

Product for reviews

The other day Gits sent me a wonderful and healthy breakfast range products. They all look so healthy and nutritious. In these days and times when time has been a rare commodity and we all look for quick fix breakfast ideas this one comes, handy. Yet to try, but they all look promising and easy to make. Reviews for them coming soon.

U- Understanding A-Z Challenge 2017

A quality not everyone possess these days. Understanding is losing its shin as people these days have the temper of pressure cooker. Love and understanding goes hand in hand. There are two sides of the same coin.

Life throws situations/ challenges where we lose the capacity to understand things sometimes. There are times where understanding doesn’t work. But try to be accommodating and understanding to people you love. Losing people you love for lack of understanding is painful.

T-Time A-Z Challenge 2017

The one thing that can never be reversed. Time is important. Time is everything. There are so many things we plan in life and just keep planning. We keep thinking and time flies.

The most important thing I have learnt is time is now. No point in planning and not executing. There’s nothing called right time always. Sometimes right time is the time we do it. So enjoy, learn and experiment in the time you have. Don’t wait for the right time, it might not come.

Sachin -A-Z Challenge 2017

One celebrity inspiration I follow very religiously is Sachin Tendulkar. A master in his own right, God of cricket, one of the most talented batsman, human being (I am yet to hear that he was rude), a person everyone connects to. There’s some aura about him that we all connect to him, understand him or even love him so unconditionally.
His success is ours, his failures makes us cry. Whenever I see him I wonder how is he able to maintain that aura in spite of retiring from the sport. Still wherever he goes, he makes news. There are many cricketers who have played and retired nut don’t command such attention. There are so many things to learn from him, the important being modesty, humbleness and the curiosity to learn more. In spite of learning and playing the game for so many years he stays grounded. Fame hasn’t entered his head.
I hope he has many such great birthdays and keep the nation inspiring. A post to him is never enough to explain what he means to me or many millions who love hi…